Well Hi there! Firstly, thank you for taking the time to register and checking out our site. We have put a lot of work into it and have had MANY changes to make it easy to browse and at the same time not overwhelm you. Below are a few quick things that will help improve your experience on the site.

1. New to comics?

If you are new to comics, it can be a bit overwhelming when you see all these different Spider-man comics and none of them have the same damned main character! So where do you start and what are what the hell does TPB mean? Click here to read our Newcomers Guide!

2. How to easily download comics!

If you are new to digital comics then we recommend you read this little tutorial on how to use a program called JDownloader2. JD2 will help you avoid those annoying pop up ads from File Hosting companies as well as download in Bulk! You can find more information about it as well as a video here… Click me to learn how to use JDownloader2

3. Main way comics are posted here

We have two main posting formats here.

  1. Packs which includes multiple issues in a .zip file which makes it easier to get batch issues of the comics you want.
  2. Single issues with links that includes a description and cover for each issue.

Packs & TPBs Single Issues

4. Chat with us on Discord!

Feeling lonely as you browse the site? Want to talk comics or just random bull shit? Want to use a Meme bot to troll? Then join us on Discord!

5. We also have Manga and Anime!

We encode a majority of the Anime here and it usually here the same day it is released online. We also house 1000s of Manga to reunite you with your Japanese roots!

Click here for Anime | Click here for Manga

6. If we don’t have it you can request it!

Can’t find a what you are looking for? You can request it and if it is available it will usually be posted within 2-3 days. So Click Here to request!

We hope you enjoy the site and welcome!