You may have noticed a bit of our posts are gone. Our goal here from the start was never to overwhelm you with posts in a format that was hard to browse. But to give you an easy to browse option to get what you come here for.  So we decided to part ways with a long time poster as we couldn’t agree on the desired format.

What does this mean moving forward? Comics will be posted in packs with single options at times, but there will no longer be 50 images in a post when all you want to do is read your favorite comics.

So whats changing? Torrents will continue to be offered as they have been and we have added an ad free direct download option, as you may have noticed. Besides removing all bloated posts our Weekly Checklist will change a little. It will be fully automated so as soon as a comic is posted Wednesday it will be listed in the Checklist under the appropriate publisher as always.

What the hell is a Weekly Checklist? Look here.

Thanks for sticking with us as we make mistakes and correct them. Hopefully it is easier to browse our posts moving forward and if you have any suggestions or dreams of changes let us know. We are always looking to improve!


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Hey guys, I can’t tell you how happy I am about this change. It is much, much, MUCH easier to use your site and far simpler to navigate. I have been coming to your site for almost 2 years and I have seen how extremely hard you’ve been working in the past 2 months in particular. You guys have uploaded come extremely hard to find comics! I appreciated it but I, and am sure others, would find it overwhelming, as there would be so much info and new comics. It looks much better now and doesn’t require constant scrolling. I’m… Read more »


Thank you for the kind words it was a hard decision to make, but was for the better.

As for Anime sections I’ll mess around with the front page and if I can come up with something not too overbearing we will make it live.

We also have a dedicated section to it but I understand wanting it more accessible on the front page.