So as you can tell we have removed the PayPal donate option due to their limiting our accounts. Since we had moved to Ads, but after multiple complaints they appear too invasive and we prefer not to ruin your experience on the site. So we have decided to turn the ads off.

How can you support us? Buy an Amazon digital gift card for the amount you prefer to donate then send us the code and we will in turn use it towards our monthly server costs.

Steps to send an Amazon digital gift card

  1. Click the link below to go to Amazon’s digital gift card page.

2. Enter your desired amount and set the email recipient to your email address.

3. Check your email scroll to the bottom grab the 14 digit code pictured below:

4. Send the code to once we get it we will update the site donation totals.

That is it, no need for constantly switching PayPal accounts or using Bitcoin if you don’t want too.

Hopefully this works out and we can avoid having to use Ads. Thanks again for all of your support and we greatly appreciate you!


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The ads did not bother me so much as the content of the ads. A new window pops up with an annoying beep telling me that I have a virus on my PC. I thought these kind of cheap under-handed ads were expected from a shady website, not one as renowned as the comicshq.

THANK YOU for turning off the Ads and making alternate arrangements with the site’s visitors’ best interest in mind. You people ROCK!!!