Summer 2018 Requests

Requests Rules


  1. Full title of comic and specific issues as well as date comic ran. For example: Deadpool #1-26 (2012-2013)
  2. Please provide a link from Comixology. For Anime please use MyAnimeList or similar.
    • If it is not available on Comixology, it’s probably not going to be filled
  3. Do not request items published this week…or not yet published(!)
  4. Please search first. Note that if an item is already available in an existing filehost/format, the request is unlikely to be filled. We’re going to focus on adding unposted content.
  5. Duplicate comic requests will be deleted. Multiple deletions will cause you to lose the ability to request comics.
  6. Lastly please be patient we will do our best to fill your requests.
  7. Post your request in the comments below!
  8. Lastly click our master scanned list and search there. If it isn’t on that list it likely has never been scanned.

Check Master Scanned List