Pathfinder Vol 6 Runescar (TPB)(2018)(UC | MF | ZS)


Pathfinder Vol 6 Runescar (TPB)(2018)(UC | MF | ZS)

An exciting new Pathfinder adventure begins! The Pathfinder heroes receive a desperate plea to unmask a killer stalking the chaos-gripped city of Korvosa. A new queen has ascended the city’s Crimson Throne, and now deadly armored Hellknights and Gray Maidens clash in the streets. With the help of a cagey adventuring detective, the heroes race down the perilous trail of a brutal murderer—only to realize that the next target might be one of their own! Dare the magic and monsters of gothic Korvosa in this adventure from Pathfinder co-creators F. Wesley Schneider & James L. Sutter, with art from Ediano Silva Contains pull-out poster map and official Pathfinder RPG bonus encounter!


CBR | 2018

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